Protect democracy in Serbia, ensure free and fair elections!

Srpska verzija

The mounting evidence that last December's parliamentary elections in Serbia were not free and fair is consistent with the democratic decline experienced by a country that has been on the path to EU accession for a while.

The serious irregularities that marred the electoral process, both in the days before the polls and during the election day on 17 December 2023, are not what one would expect in a functioning democracy.

As a response, citizens took to the streets to voice their legitimate concerns about the government’s gerrymandering and the overall state of democracy in Serbia.

In light of these observations, the European Movement International (EMI) calls upon the European Union, the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR), the Council of Europe to launch, together with representatives from local civil society, a full and transparent investigation into the allegation of election fraud.

Moreover, we urge the Serbian government to:

- implement democratic and structural reforms to ensure citizen participation and safeguard inclusive and transparent decision-making;
- strengthen independent media and permit dialogue with civil society as tools to regain citizens’ trust;
- maintain a trajectory towards European integration guided by a commitment to democratic principles.

The European Union is a community of values based on fundamental human rights. The EU and its institutions as well as Member States and non-state actors must make a stronger effort to uphold and promote European values and fundamental rights in Serbia and other candidate countries, as well as in all Member States.

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