The Threat of Anti-gender movements in Europe

As ultra-conservative, far-right political movements seize power around the world, we are witnessing a concerted attack against hard-won rights for women.  

Both in the US, but also in Europe where in countries like Spain, Poland, Italy access to abortion is compromised, women’s reproductive rights are at the centre of this debate, which is used as an excuse to exert power over women and assault their rights. 
This trend has been in the making for a while, supported by a global network of extreme-right think-tanks and campaigners, strategically organized and coordinated, and transnationally financed. Their rhetoric and narratives has proliferated on-line, with the use of social media platforms as megaphones for the promotion of anti-gender messages. 

This event reflected on how anti gender movements use online tools to organize internally, get funding, recruit supporters and spread disinformation, anti-women rights narratives and harmful gender stereotypes. 


December 06, 2022 at 3:00pm - 4pm




Bettina Martin ·